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April McCormick

Coach - Working Professional - Mother - Podcaster - SCH Parent Advisor

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Helping you Navigate the Unknown...

For as long as I can remember, I've had a type A personality. Striving to get good grades, be liked by friends, family and strangers, and focusing on achievement to make both myself and my family proud. I thought if I worked hard enough, and was perfect enough, my life would be good.

Then, in 2018, life as I knew it ended. I unexpectedly lost my beautiful 15 month old son, Lincoln, to a severe infection. I was shocked, angry, disappointed, confused... I constantly thought about all the things I got "wrong" in my life and if I deserve this suffering.

Through grief counseling, coaching, and some amazing people, I started navigating the unknown. I began searching for answers to life's big questions and found support in some expected, and not so expected places. I found strength and courage to talk about my son and immeasurable impact he's had on my life, both good and bad. Through vulnerability I gained confidence to keep going, and a deep calling to support others experiencing confusion, loss, or pain.


Grief is a great equalizer and something everyone will experience if they're lucky to live long enough. It happens more than you think... Experience a break-up? Soon-to-be empty nester? Lost a job? Found a new and exciting career? There's grief in all of these situations. Burdened with the responsibility of home and work? Yup, grief is in there too. I would be honored to come along side you, and help you navigate "What now?"

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